Private Patio - Aachen / Germany



The Private Patio is structured in different layers, each forming a terrace that connects to its neighboring one and connects the overall structure. The patio genuinely mirrors the inside, giving it an aesthetic and natural counterpart. The perspectives provide indeed the impression that the inside rooms have their natural extension into the outside, a real conversion of an original garden into another "room".

The illusion is created by this transposition which seems evident and natural: "This change is made in a way that it seems that it has always been like that but it is indeed distinctive".

Far from an attempt to copy or restore the heritage left by this medieval style of patching tiles, he has intensively reworked them, endorsing and re-appropriating their massive and deeply carved qualities. The deepness that characterizes those past materials has the power to confer feelings, sentiments. Hence, the Private Patio might look familiar but, entering it, it surely feels special.

Working on larger scale project, the challenge is to give them a real stance and energy while minimizing the impression of the work done. To sum up: "The less you see the more you can feel".