AESOP STORE - Amsterdam / NL



A room imagined for Aesop’s corner building, guided by its existing structure, and its former interior lines. It’s monumental background inspires additional built in elements that create its own atmosphere and personality.
The old and new collaborate in harmony to create its own spirit that appears warm and friendly – a space where the outside will be connected with the inside and let people take part even when just passing by. It seeks to trigger a state of excitement, a sensitive response to its aesthetic dimension.

Consisting a series of wooden steps that reach onto counter areas where there will be space for display, treatment and rest, overhang by copper arches that will frame the shelving and product display.

A layout that points to an aesthetic composition to support and highlight the Aesop experience in an open and naturally organized way.

Materials are treated like living organism, they represent the opportunity to merge with other elements in various ways and their fusion stamps the nal vibe with its unique character.

*photos courtesy of Aesop

Materials are chosen to support a certain energy when entering and becoming acquainted with the space and its host. Whether experiencing the space inside or just throwing a look from the outside, a distinct feeling and excitement shall arise. Without being able to de ne it.

The materials and details are organized after mental activities rather than only functions. Function later will add personality to the materials and it’s arrangements to support the overall feel of a space and it’s brand that is in harmony with each other.